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Assistant Professor

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1. Member Academic Council and Academic Coordinator

I am Dr. Fahim, PhD in Plant Breeding & Genetics working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Agriculture at Hazara University, Mansehra, Pakistan. My research interests include the development of wheat cultivars that use water more efficiently and better adapt to increasingly hostile production conditions. My major research achievements include the development of two wheat varieties “Kohat-2017” and "Fahim-2019" for the rainfed areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Before joining Hazara University, Mansehra in December 2018, I worked as Wheat Breeder (Research Officer) at Barani Agricultural Research Station, Kohat in Pakistan for six years. I got an opportunity to visit Plant Breeding Institute, The University of Sydney, Australia as visiting Research Fellow for the period of six months. Moreover, I represent Pakistan at International Forum as Country Representative from CIMMYT-Pakistan at International Workshop on Smut and Bunt, held during May 2016 at Izmir Turkey. Furthermore, I have been selected as “Young Scientist of Pakistan” to attend Global Young Scientist Summit, 2018 in Singapore, I visited Kenya to attend two weeks trainings on stem rust scoring in September-October 2018. I have published several research articles in various national and international journals and have attended several conferences, workshop, and trainings.

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Academic Background

S.No Degree Title Institute Degree Completion Year
1 PhD Plant Breeding & Genetics The University of Agriculture, Peshawar Pakistan 2017
2 MSc(Hons) Agriculture The University of Agriculture, Peshawar Pakistan 2012
3 BSc(Hons) Agriculture The University of Agriculture, Peshawar Pakistan 2009


S.No Publication Title Authors Action
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2 Application of stress selection indices for the assessment of nitrogen tolerance in wheat Khan, F.U. and F. Mohammad Click to View
3 Genotypic differences and genotype × nitrogen interactions for yield traits in bread wheat Khan, F. U., F. Mohammad, Raziuddin, Z. Shah, M. Ahmad and Z. Shah Click to View
4 Comparative metabolite profiling of two wheat genotypes as affected by nitrogen stress at seedling stage Khan, F. U., D. Fuentes, R. Threthowan, F. Mohammad and M. Ahmad. Click to View
5 Critical solution [P] in diverse calcareous soil series using adsorption equations Ahmad, M., M. J. Khan, D. Muhammad, W. A. Shah, F. U. Khan, R. A. Khattak, Z. H. Khan, A. Iqbal and F. Shah Click to View
6 Additive main effect and multiplicative interaction analysis for grain yield in bread wheat Khan, M.A.U, F. Mohammad, F. U. Khan, S. Ahmad and I. Ullah Click to View
7 Genetic manipulation of pea (Pisum sativum L.) with Arabidopsis"s heat shock factor HsfA1d improves ROS scavenging system to confront thermal stress Shah, Z., A. Iqbal, F. U. Khan, H. U. Khan, F. Durrani and M. Z. Ahmad Click to View
8 Genetic diversity in exotic oat germplasm & resistance against barley yellow dwarf virus Jan, S.F., M. R. Khan, A. Iqbal, F. U. Khan and S. Ali Click to View
9 Identification of multiple leaf rust resistance genes in selected germplasm of Pakistani bread wheat using molecular markers Inamullah, T. Mahmood, H. Mahmood, H. Khan, F. U. Khan, A. Ali and M. Islam Click to View
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11 Effect of wheat straw derived biochar on the bioavailability of Pb, Cd and Cr using maize as test Irfan, M., F. Ishaq, D. Muhammad, M. J. Khan, I. A. Mian, K. M. Dawar, A. Muhammad, M. Ahmad, S. Anwar, S. Ali, F. U. Khan, B. Khan, H. Bibi, A. Kamal, M. Musarat, W. Ullah, M. Saeed Click to View
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13 Knockdown of GmD53a confers strigolactones mediated rhizobia interaction and promotes nodulation in soybean Rehman, N., F. U. Khan, M. Imran, S. A. Rajput, Y. Li, I. Ullah, R. W. Akhtar, M. Imran, A. A. AL-Huqail, A. E. Askary, A. S. Khalifa and M. T. Azhar Click to View
14 Phenotypic and molecular divergence in maize (Zea mays L.) ecotypes R. Javed, M. Iqbal, S. Ullah, M. R. Khan, A. Iqbal, M. S. Ullah, M. U. Rehman, F. U. Khan, M. Shahab Saqib and S. Ali Click to View
15 Managing Phosphorus Availability from Organic and Inorganic Sources for Optimum Wheat Production in Calcareous Soils Ahmad, N., M. Ishaq, W. A. Shah, M. Adnan, S. Fahad, M. H. Saleem, F. U. Khan, M. Mussarat, S. Khan, B. Ali, Y. S. Mostafa, S. Alamri and M. Hashem Click to View
16 Characterization of wheat-Thinopyrum bessarabicum genetic stock for stripe rust and Karnal bunt resistance Shafqat, N., A. Shahzad, S. H. Shah, Z. Khand, M. Sajid, F. Ullah, M. Islam, R. Masood, N. Jabeen and K. Zubair Click to View
17 Impact assessment of drought monitoring events and vegetation dynamics based on multi-statelite remote sensing data over Pakistan Ali, S., A. Basit, J. Ni, Manzoor, F. U. Khan, M. Sajid, M. Umair and T. A. Makanda Click to View
18 Genetic diversity and population structure of the endangered species Ulmus in Pakistan using Barcode Markers Ullah, R., N. Ali, S. U. Rahman, I. U. Rahman, A. Hasheem, K. F. E. F. Abd-Allah, W. Harsonowati, M. Al. Khan, F. Rahim, F. U. Khan and N. U. Haq Click to View
19 Evaluation of the Agro-morphological traits, seed characterization and the genetic diversity of local Rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties of Pakistan Fazal, U., I. Uddin, A. M. Khan, F. U. Khan, M. N. Khan, N. Iqbal, M. Ibrahim, S. A. K. Bangash Click to View