HU Degree Programmes

HU Degree Programmes

The university offers various degree programmes of undergraduate and graduate levels. Under the undergraduate level, the university offers 4- and 5-years degree programmes such as BS in Computer Science, BS in Architecture, Pharm-D, etc. On the other hand, MS/MPhil, and PhD programmes are offered under the graduate level programmes. The following sections describe structure, duration, and other different features of these programmes.

Undergraduate Programmes

All BS level programmes consist of eight (08) semesters that is spread over four (04) years. The number of Credit Hours (CrHr) is varying from programme to programme but in most cases, it is 130 or more for a four years undergrad programme. However, there are certain bachelor programmes of five-year duration. The five-year bachelor programme normally having more than 150 CrHr. Programme which is accredited or recognized by any accreditation council follow the criteria set by the respective council. Readers are referred to the official website or university hand for further details.

Graduate Programmes

Master programmes such as Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Master of Science (MS) are graduate programmes offered to students who completes 16 years of education or equivalent. A typical Master programme consists of four (04) semesters spread over two (02) years. The number of CrHr for master programme is 30 or more as per the HEC guidelines.
The University offers a highly sophisticated PhD degree in more than a dozen discipline. PhD programme is designed as the HEC criteria which is offered to students who are having 18 years of education in a relevant field with fulfilment of other conditions listed in the rules and regulation of Graduate programme.