Dean Message

Welcome! The Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences (FNCS) at the Hazara University, Mansehra, at present, offers courses and facilitates research leading to BS, MSc, MS/MPhil, and PhD degrees in agriculture, computer science, software engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry and statistics. We distinguish ourselves through student centric approach to address students’ academic and non- academic matters. The main aim of the Faculty to generate ideas based on scientific principles that in turn help provide solutions to modern day technical problems. Our faculty members and research students are regularly publishing papers in journals and conferences of international repute. The health scientific competition at the Faculty forces everyone to get funded project from HEC and other organizations. At present more than a dozens R&D funded projects are under process which include the following;

S.No Principal Investigator Title
1 Dr. Ali Bahadar Synthesis of Stimuli Responsive Material for Water Cleaning Application
2 Dr. Jehan Akbar Analysis and characterization of advanced materials using photothermal and optical spectroscopy
3 Dr. Basit Niaz Preparation and Pharmacological Screening of Novel Phosphinoxides and Phosophonatic Organic-Metallic Moieties

I welcome all new students and assure them that their academic and research interest will be protected at the Hazara University. The environment in in this Faculty is highly conducive to learning and innovation. By joining us, you will be able to explore and further the scientific horizons.


The Faculty Sciences is one of the leading faculties in the region. All academic programs related to applied sciences and numerical sciences are offered by this faculty. The faculty produces outstanding graduates in various disciplines including Physics, Mathematic, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Botany and many more. The Faculty has crated state of art labs and other facilities to provide quality education to students enrolled in these disciplines. The faculty is also offering PhD level programs in various fields. The faculty receives funded projects on regular basis from various R&D organization in Pakistan including Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad. The following departments have been established by the Faculty in the last 18 years.