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The newly established Conservation Studies Department is the only department in the country. It is multidisciplinary department teaching science and arts subjects, our professional staff and lab are equipped with the latest technology. Keeping in view the importance of conservation Hazara University had started its various degree programs by establishing the department. It is also in the vision that this department services will be utilized in Pakistan and abroad. All civilized opinion agrees that monuments and archaeological sites are the legacies of the human-kind and every country possessing them. It is a collective responsibility of everyone to play its role for their proper preservation. The preservation of tangible and intangible culture will ensure their survival for a long time for the benefit of the world in general and researchers in particular. Human vandalism has left deep scars on our heritage; whatever is left behind is also susceptible to potential dangers. If we have qualified personnel and have properly maintained heritage we will certainly attract growth in our economy. Tourism will be enhanced resulting in the enhancement of Pakistan economy also. Achieving a degree in Conservation unlocks a wide range of exciting career opportunities, particularly in research and development institutions. So far this department produced only one Ph. D. in Archaeological Conservation which is not enough. As this is multidisciplinary department our focus is to bring up


Pakistan is unique to have inherited the legacy of two major world civilizations i.e. the Indus Valley and the Gandhara Civilizations. These civilizations had inspired the world for several centuries with the glorious and vibrant culture marked with human respect and dignity. Nature has blessed Pakistan with this special credit and being the custodian we have to preserve these civilizations for the posterity. Hazara University has been fully aware of this strategic treasure, and common responsibilities to safeguard their cultural property for future generations. To cope with situation accordingly, Hazara University established the “Department of Conservation Studies” to explore and identify the Archaeological sites to preserve relics, artifacts etc. relating to the bygone civilizations in a well-planned scientific way. The department got the credit of relevant experts in the field who have the professional skills, scientific knowledge and technical know-how to preserve/conserve these cultural assets. The Department is established by a well-trained Research Associate who received training in the field from International Centre for the Preservation of Monuments (ICCROM), Rome, Institute of Archaeology, London University, UK and Chinese academy of Cultural Heritage (CACH), Beijing , China known as the prestigious institutes throughout the world in the field of conservation. The Department with the financial Assistance of HEC has also established an “Archaeological T...


A degree in Conservation unlocks a wide range of exciting career opportunities, especially in research and development institutions. There is also a good chance to seek jobs in Federal, Provincial and Private organizations like Archaeology, Archives, Auqaf, Wildlife, IUCN, Forest, Pakistan Army Museums, Pakistan Navy Museums, PAF Museums, Supreme Court Museum, Pakistan Railway Museums, private Museums in Pakistan and abroad, as this degree is only offered in Pakistan by Hazara University. Keeping in view the significance of conservation, Hazara University had started its various degree programs by establishing the Department of Conservation Studies. The services of this Department will be utilized not only in Pakistan but also abroad....

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Concered Faculty

Dr. Zain ul Wahab

Designation : Head Of Department.
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Dr. Zain ul Wahab did his Ph.D. in Archaeology {Classic Art & Architecture) at the University of Ioannina, Greece in 2004. He has been working as an Associate Professor and has been involved in research supervision at the Department of Conservation S.

Ms. Seemab Parvaiz

Designation : Assistant Professor.
Email Address :
Accomplished educator with over 10 years of experience. I have an MPhil Degree in Physical Chemistry and my focus has always been on Education and research. I am a team player and enjoy a challenging position with numerous responsibilities in a multi.

Mr. Hamza Jan

Designation : Lecturer.
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Mr. Hamza Jan did his MSc in Conservations Studies of Culture Heritage with distinction and MPhil Studies from Department of Conservation Studies Hazara University, Mansehra. He joins Department of Conservation Studies, Hazara University as a Lectu.

Nasir Karim

Designation : Lecturer.
Email Address :
Working in the Department of Conservation studies as a lecturer for ten years. I got an M.Phil degree in Conservation Studies and enrolled in Ph.D. Conservation Studies. The area of my research is Cultural Heritage Conservation..