Vice Chancellor Office

Concered Officials

Prof. Dr. Mohsan Nawaz

Designation : Vice Chancellor.
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Aamir Javed

Designation : PS to Vice Chancellor.
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Mr. Shahid Rabbani

Designation : Assistant Registrar / Public Relations Officer.
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Liaqat Khan

Designation : Media Coordinator.
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1[11. Vice-Chancellor.---(1) There shall be a Vice-Chancellor of a University who shall be a person of eminence having proven ability and leadership skills, and has made significant contribution to higher education as teacher, researcher and academic administrator and shall possess such qualification and shall be appointed in accordance with the procedure as provided in the Schedule-II.

  • The Vice-Chancellor shall be the Chief Executive and Principal Accounting Officer of the University responsible for all administrative, academic and financial functions of the University and for ensuring that the provisions of this Act, Statutes, Regulations and Rules are faithfully observed in order to promote the general efficiency and good order of the University. The Vice-Chancellor shall have all powers prescribed by Statutes, Regulations and Rules for this purpose, including administrative control over the Officers, Teachers and other employees of the University excluding those mentioned in section 8 of this
  • The Vice-Chancellor may, in emergency that in his opinion require immediate action not in the competence of the Vice-Chancellor, take such action as he may deem appropriate and shall report the action so taken to the Syndicate in its next immediate meeting for permanent decision:

Provided that the action taken by the Vice-Chancellor in emergency shall not include –

  • framing of Statutes, Regulations, Rules or any other legislative act;
  • making any kind of appointments;
  • taking actions which required out of budget implications;
  • imposing any penalty against employees in BPS-17 and above; and
  • exercising powers of
  • The Vice-Chancellor shall, if present, attend any meeting of any Authority or body of the
  • The Vice-Chancellor shall also have the powers to-
  • direct Officers, Teachers and other employees of the University to take up such assignments in connection with examination, administration and such other activities in or for the University as he may consider necessary for the purposes of the University;
  • sanction by re-appropriation an amount not exceeding an amount prescribed by the Senate for an unforeseen item not provided for in the budget and report it to the Senate in the next meeting;
  • sanction all expenditures provided for in the approved budget and re-appropriate funds from one head of expenditure to another within the approved budget and report such re- appropriation to the Syndicate at the time of its consideration of revised budget estimates:

Provided that such powers to sanction expenditure out of budget allocated to unit designated as independent cost centre shall rest with the head of such cost centre.

  • create and fill temporary posts for a period not exceeding one year after which the posts shall stand abolished;
  • appoint employees on contract basis against the properly created budgeted posts for a period not exceeding three years on the recommendations of a Selection Committee constituted by the Syndicate;

Provided that no extension shall be admissible beyond the period of three years:

Provided further that the Vice-Chancellor may renew contract of those employees whose contract was terminated before promulgation of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Universities (Amendment) Act, 2016, for a period not exceeding three years, subject to thorough scrutiny of all academic documents

and eligibility of these employees and availability of properly created budgeted posts, in the best interest of the University:

  • make appointments in BPS-16 and below in such manner as may be prescribed by the Statutes. All such appointments shall be reported to Syndicate during its next meeting:

Provided that appointments in BPS 1 to 5 after the commencement of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Universities (Amendment) Act, 2016, shall be made from persons living within the territorial jurisdiction of the University under section 4 of this Act, while the appointments in BPS 6 to 16 shall be made from persons living in the division where university is situated. In case there is no eligible candidate available within the territorial jurisdiction/division, as the case may be, candidate from adjoining places may be appointed in a manner as may be prescribed by Statutes:

Provided further that the Selection Committee for recommendations of suitable candidates for appointment in BPS-16 and below shall be constituted by the Syndicate in manner as may be prescribed by Statutes;

  • suspend, punish, remove and dismiss from service university employees in BPS 1 to 16 in such manner as may be prescribed by Statutes;
  • delegate, subject to such conditions as may be determined, any of his powers under this Act to an officer of the University;
  • appoint examiners or reviews and paper setters for all examinations of the University on the recommendations of the relevant Board of Studies of Department and constituent institutions;
  • appoint foreign and local referees for evaluation of candidates for faculty positions from the panel of names recommended by the Syndicate; and
  • exercise and perform such other powers and functions as may be prescribed by
  • The Vice-Chancellor shall preside at the convocation of the University in the absence of the Chancellor and the Pro-Chancellor.
  • The Vice-Chancellor shall present an annual report before the Senate within three months of the closure of the academic year. The annual report shall present such information as regards the academic year under review as may be prescribed by Statutes, including disclosure of all relevant facts pertaining to the following namely:
  • academics;
  • research;
  • administration; and
  • finances including audited statement of accounts and management
  • The Vice-Chancellor’s annual report shall be made available, prior to its presentation before the Senate to all Officers and Teachers and shall be published in such numbers as are required to ensure its wide circulation and uploaded on the University
  • The Vice-Chancellor shall be responsible to the Senate for implementation of powers of the University and its ]