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Assistant Professor

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Internal Controller of Examination

Dr Shawana Fazal, Assistant Professor Hazara University Mansehra Pakistan, has vast experience in teaching and research at the university level. Dr Fazal earned her PhD in Education with a specialization in English Language Teaching. She has also earned a Master of Philosophy in Education and a Master's in English. Dr Fazal has published a number of articles on Teaching English as a Second Language, Gender Equity, and Teacher Education in national and international journals including impact factor. She is HEC approved supervisor. She has presented at a number of international conferences. She is a member of international research societies: CIES-USA, BERA-UK, and AARE -Australia. She is supervising theses of students in MPhil and PhD (Education).Master of Education. Dr Fazal has experience as a Research Associate/Fellow in the School of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney, Australia. She has collaborated in research with her peers at the University of Leicester UK. She has also worked on teacher education research projects in Pakistan funded by USAID, the British Academy project aimed at women empowerment in Pakistan and the Students’ Holistic Development Project funded by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. She has completed a professional development program for Master Trainers in ELT from the University of Oregon, USA sponsored by NAHE-RELO (United States of Embassy).

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Academic Background

S.No Degree Title Institute Degree Completion Year
1 PhD (Education) Hazara University, Pakistan 2017
2 MPhil in Education Hazara University, Pakistan 2011
3 Master of Education (M.Ed.) Hazara University, Pakistan 2005
4 Master of Arts (English) University of Peshawar, Pakistan 1999
5 CELTA International House, Sydney, Australia 2019
6 Certificate IV in TESOL International House, Sydney, Australia 2019


S.No Publication Title Authors Action
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