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Born in Mingora District Swat in 1977. I initiated my basic Education at a Primary School in Dadar Shinkiari in the year 1983, where my father was working as Doctor at TB Sanatorium Dadar. After spending a very good time in Mansehra, in the year 1986, he was transferred to District Mardan, as TB control officer Baghdada. During his stay, I completed my primary education in a nearby, Haroon Public School Baghdada Mardan. I read my next 2 years in Saint John Public School Shamsi Road Mardan. Again, my father was transferred as Medical Superintendent of DHQ Karak. Hence, I must join another school this time it was Public Model School Tapi Karak. After spending a year and passing my 8th Class, I was shifted to Shin Ghar Model High School Karak. I completed my Matric in 1993. Then I Took Admission in Government Post Graduate College Karak in F.Sc Pre Medical, and in 1995, I competed my F.Sc. During my stay at Karak, I used to play Badminton as regular player in college and city level teams. At the end of 1995. My father was transferred again to District Swat as Medicolegal Officer Saidu Group of Hospital Swat. This time I went to Jahanzeb College Swat. I completed by B.Sc. And soon after the result announcement, my father passed away at the age of 53 years after CVA. After BSc I took admission in MSC Botany at the same college and completed my Masters. In the meantime, I joined Hira College Shareef Abad and started my teaching career. I used to teach Biology, Zoology and Botany to Lower and F.Sc classes. Also took admission in Swat College of Education as part time student and completed my B.ED. In 2003, to continue my educational career, I left the job and took admission in MPhil Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, The University of Agriculture Peshawar. I worked on Molecular Phylogenetics of Ephedra Plant from Pakistan as my MPhil Dissertation. During my Research duration I joined University of Malakand as Research fellow at Sheringal. There also worked in establishment of Labs and medicinal plant Nurseries. I completed my MPhil and continued my job at University of Malakand. The job was contractual, and I was in search of a permanent job. Hazara University Mansehra announced jobs in 2006 and I successfully joined the University as Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics. It was established under the guidance of Prof Dr. Habib Ahmad TI. He remained my teacher at Jahanzeb College Swat. He also remained my mentor throughout my Service at Hazara University till his sad demise in 2021. Under his guidance I also worked in establishment of Department of Botany, Genetics and Zoology. Received best performance award from the University in 2007. In my teaching career, I taught various courses to MPhil, MSc and BS Genetics and, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. Some important courses were Genetic Engineering, Developmental Genetics, Bioinformatics, Epigenetics, General Genetics, Molecular Biology and Water & Wastewater Treatment. My research interests include Molecular Wet lab and Bioinformatics applications. Various areas of Study of Biodiversity of Plants through Molecular Markers, Molecular Phylogenetics, Mutation detection in genes responsible for Human Diseases and Cancer genetics and Developmental Genetics Pathways in Plant or Animals. Worked as field Researcher with Prof Dr Brian Hemphill USA and collected Dental samples from Northern Areas. I received various professional trainings from HEC i.e., FPDP (9th) and Master trainer training program from AIT Extension Thailand. Also organized various workshops at the University. As social service to my Assistant Professors community, I contested for Senate and Syndicate seats, and was elected as member Senate for three years (2019-2021) and Elected member Syndicate (2022--Onwards). Apart from that, i remained a faculty proctor, member of departmental student grievance committee, student tour organizer, student function organizer, member staff welfare committee, member university procurement committee, member departmental procurement committee, In-charge Bioinformatics Lab, CMS and LMS Coordinator, Exam Coordinator etc. In 2016, I initiated my PhD Studies and right now I am working on my thesis. My research dissertation is on Diabetes.

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Academic Background

S.No Degree Title Institute Degree Completion Year
1 MPhil Institute of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, The University of Agriculture Peshawar Pakistan 2005
2 MSc Botany Govt Post Graduate Jahanzeb College Saidu Sharif Swat, University of Peshawar 2001
3 BSc Govt Post Graduate Jahanzeb College Saidu Sharif Swat, University of Peshawar 1998
4 B.Ed Swat College of Education, University of Peshawar 2002


S.No Publication Title Authors Action
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2 Hepatitis C virus genotypes circulating in district Swat of Khyber Pakhtoonkhaw, Pakistan IM Inamullah, H Ahmed, M Ali, L Ali, A Ahmed Click to View
3 Estimation of genetic diversity in Capsicum germplasm using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA N Akbar, H Ahmad, S Ghafoor, K Begum, SG Afridi, I Muhammad, IA Khan Click to View
4 Estimation of genetic diversity in walnut M Waqar Khan, IA Khan, Habib Ahmad, Haidar Ali, Sajidul Ghafoor, M Afzal, FA Khan, M Shah, SG Afridi Click to View
5 Valuation of rapeseed genotypes for yield and oil quality under rainfed conditions of district Mansehra I Rahman, H Ahmad, I Sirajuddin, I Ahmad, FM Abbasi, M Islam, S Ghafoor Click to View
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9 Estimation of Genetic Diversity in sheep (Ovis aries) using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA M Qasim, H Ahmad, S Ghafoor, SG Afridi, I Muhammad, AK Imtiaz Click to View
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17 Identification of RAPD primers specific for wheat homoeologous group 1 and 3 chromosomes I Muhammad, H Ahmad, S Ghafoor, SG Afridi, K Begum, IA Khan Click to View
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