Directorate Of Quality Enhancement

Concered Officials

Lt Cdr (Rtd) Dr Mahmood khan

Designation : Director.
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Dr. Aurangzeb Khan

Designation : Deputy Director QEC.
Email Address :

Mr. Rana Bilal Iqbal

Designation : Assistant Director.
Email Address :

Mr. Muhammad Waseem

Designation : LDC.
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Quality Assurance Policy Statement

Hazara University will serve the community and meet the challenging needs of national and international market by providing quality higher education through effective and efficient quality assurance system underpinned by quality teaching, learning and research. University will also inculcate ethical values in students through its programs to become better citizens.


To aim for the Quality Education on continual basis at Hazara University through quality practices, inputs and by implementing world class Quality standards.


The Directorate of Quality Enhancement (DQE) is devoted to contiually ehnace excellence in the institutional process by uplifting the spirit of focusing on quality develiery of educational services, to achive satisfaction of stackholders/students and to promote public confidence that the standards of the award of degree are enhanced and safeguarded.


Within the context of Mission Statement, the following are the objective to be fulfilled:

  • To implement HEC criteria for higher education and promote quality culture
  • To bring HU’s educational standards at par with recognized international standard
  • Establishing, improving and maintaining academic standards
  • Verifying compatibility of the program objectives with institutional goals
  • To review the quality standards by auditing academic standards and quality of teaching and learning
  • Monitoring and enhancing learning of students
  • Providing feedback for quality assurance of academic programs and support services.
  • To take measures for capacity building of faculty members and staff through training
  • To take collective responsibilities for ensuring that adequate system for quality enhancement have been developed and are in place.
  • Promoting the confidence of the public by ensuring that the standards and quality of education are enhanced.
  • Seeking collaboration in various fields of common interest with local and international bodies.


Core Values


Faith, in general, means confidence or trust in a person or entity. However, for Hazara University, faith specifically means confidence or trust in Almighty Allah, the creator of the universe. Faith in the creator is the foundation of all good human values. It establishes the vital link between the creator and the creation. All faiths promote peace and love. Hazara University also upholds the view that faith and reason are not mutually exclusive. True faith must exhibit itself through action. However, we must not comment on another person’s faith under any situation.


Character means knowing the difference between right and wrong and having the courage to do the right thing. The University lays great emphasis on character building. Hazara University firmly believes that character is the accumulation of thoughts, values, words and actions. It is established by long-term conscientious adherence to moral values. Efforts by parents, teachers and others to instil these values are important, but ultimately, CHARACTER is both formed and revealed by how one deals with everyday situations as well as extraordinary pressures and temptations.


In HU, learning and acquiring knowledge is the core business. During the process of learning, human faculties of curiosity, understanding and communication are fully activated. At HU, the view that learning is a layered and ongoing process is uphold.


Hazara University promotes diversity and opens its doors to all persons regardless of their gender, religion, social status, colour, caste and creed. HU is committed to recognizing and appreciating the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique. It promotes and celebrates individual and collective achievements.


The spirit of curiosity forces the human mind to find reasons for why and how things happen in the natural world. This leads to an effort to discover or research for finding answers to questions that arise from observation of the natural world. Discovery or research is only possible after some learning has taken place. Discovery may need quantitative and qualitative analytical skills which are developed in the students as part of the learning process at HU.