Directorate of IT

Concered Officials

Mr Muhammad Shakeel Ahmad

Designation : Director.
Email Address :

Aamir Javed

Designation : Assistant Director I.T.
Email Address :


Designation : Deputy Director I.T.
Email Address :
Working as Deputy Director (Systems, Networks & Security) in the Directorate of IT.

Hassan Mansoor

Designation : Network Engineer.
Email Address :



Directorate of IT is focused on delivery of wide range of high quality IT Services throughout the campus to all Academicians, Staff & Students. Providing a smart & robust environment where everyone has easy access to all IT services round the clock. Directorate of IT also ensures a secure, reliable and efficient IT environment where optimized results would be attained.

Our Goals:

  • To help the academic process of the university through technological advances.
  • Guarantee Better service delivery within the campus.
  • Provision of fast and efficient IT Services.
  • To ensure that everyone has access to all digital resources.
  • To upgrade & equip the campus environment according to new technologies
  • Make sure that goals are achieved in cost effective manner
  • To create an ease for faculty, staff, researchers & students to achieve their targets within specified timelines by facilitating them by their desired technical requirements.

IT Services

  • Campus LAN connectivity by Fiber
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity (PERN-2)
  • Campus Automation (In Progress)
  • Official Email Facility
  • Access To Digital Library
  • Fully Equipped Video Conferencing Hall
  • Biometric Attendance System
  • CCTV Surveillance in whole campus
  • Facilitation in the arrangement of seminars, workshops & Trainings
  • Central Server System for management of users on network
  • IT Help Desk to solve the problems of Students, Faculty & Staff
  • Web services
  • Provision of internet over WIFI in Departments, Sections & Hostels
  • Campus Network enhancement, extension & troubleshooting
  • SMART University project 
  • Technical assistance to launch new projects
  • VPN implementation.