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1st international conference on Economic Empowerment: Promoting Gender Equality and Inclusion in the Workplace

Created AT : 2024-06-27

The Department of Economics at Hazara University Mansehra successfully concluded its first international conference on June 25th and 26th, 2024. The event, themed "1st international conference on Economic Empowerment: Promoting Gender Equality and Inclusion in the Workplace," featured national and international experts, including Dr. Sarah Osborne from the University of Nebraska, USA, and Professor Oda Hisaya from Ritsumeikan University, Japan. The conference aimed to promote gender equality and women's inclusion in economic activities.

Dr. Misbah Nosheen, Chairperson of the Economics Department, welcomed participants and expressed gratitude for their attendance.

Special guest, Member of National Assembly Shehzada Muhammad Gustasap Khan, praised the university for organizing the event, emphasizing the importance of empowering women to compete internationally in economics, education, and research. Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Mohsin Nawaz highlighted that excluding women from economic participation hinders progress and competitiveness. He stressed the need for women's involvement in economic activities and called for the implementation of the conference's outcomes by policymakers.

Professor Hisaya Oda presented research on gender equality in Pakistan and Japan, revealing that Pakistan ranks 145th and Japan 118th out of 146 countries. He highlighted the need to address challenges and remove barriers to women's participation. Dr. Mehnaz Iftikhar also spoke about the positive role of women in the national economy.

Dr. Sohail Farooq, Assistant Professor Department of Economics HU, Dr. Shahwana, Assistant Professor Department of Education HU, Mr. Shafi Ullah, Gender Expert WWF, and Miss Farhat Parveen, Gender Coordinator KPCIap, had an interactive session with students, answering their questions and engaging in a panel discussion.

On the second day, Syed Sabir Shah, District Officer of Social, Special Education and Women Empowerment Department Mansehra, Dr. Zahoor Khan from IM Sciences Peshawar, and Dr. Muhammad Ilyas, Chairman of the Department of Education at Hazara University Mansehra, addressed the participants. The event included interactive sessions and paper presentations by various presenters. At the end of the conference, shields and certificates were distributed among participants and presenters.

The closing ceremony was attended by Dean Dr. Farhana Kazmi and the Controller of Examinations. The conference saw active participation from students, professors, and scholars from various academic departments.