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News Details

PakTESOL Regional Workshop & Symposium on English Language Teaching (ELT) December 19-21, 2022

Created AT : 2022-12-13

Fully Sponsored by Regional English Language Office- United States Embassy, Pakistan

Organized by Department of Education

in Collaboration with Department of English, Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan.

PakTESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), in collaboration with RELO (US Embassy) has initiated the capacity building of English Language Teachers in Pakistan. The Department of Education, Hazara University Mansehra in collaboration with PakTESOL and RELO is organizing a three-day workshop and symposium for English Language Teachers in affiliated colleges of Hazara University Mansehra. Eminent scholars in the field of TESOL have been invited as keynote speakers and trainers in the workshop. The workshop and symposium will be valuable as it will give ELT teachers an exposure to modern knowledge and skills needed for effective English language teaching.

The following key areas will be covered in the workshop and symposium.

  1. Practices and approaches in ELT
  2. Integrating technology in English language classrooms
  3. Project-based learning
  4. Reflective thinking in academic writing
  5. Skills and attitudes of English Language Teachers
  6. Assessment strategies in ELT
  7. Learner centered pedagogical  approaches in ELT
  8. Strategies for developing academic reading skills
  9. Difficulties in ELT classrooms in cross-cultural perspectives
  10. Language teachers as reflective practitioners

The registration to attend the symposium is free. The link to register for the said symposium is mentioned below:

Chief Coordinator,

Dr. Shawana Fazal,

Assistant Professor, Department of Education,

Hazara University Mansehra.


Dr. Muhammad Ilyas Khan,

Chairperson, Department of Education,

Hazara University Mansehra.

Contact: 0997-414165