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Vice Chancellor Message And Letter

Created AT : 2020-04-02

Dear Colleagues, Heath Center and Students:

As I mentioned in my previous communications that these are extremely difficult times not only for our nation but also for other nations across the world, therefore, we should be ready for more sacrifices and challenges. We all are well aware that this is not a normal situation. We have to make changes to the ways we were operating before March 2020. The time demands difficult decisions, that will cause substantial discomfort and inconvenience to many. We are the academic elites of the society and should come forward not to find solutions only to our problems but also help others with the wisdom we have. We all should make a firm commitment to continue with our academic operations to achieve the targets set for the academic year 2020-21.

As we have been directed by Government, HEC and HED to impose certain restrictions because of the health and safety of the people so we should strictly follow these directions.

  • All unnecessary buildings have been closed down.
  • Two buildings are identified as quarantine for the local community in case of emergency needs.
  • Essential buildings will be kept open to execute fundamental operations.
  • Essential security and other staff including Vice Chancellor will be on duty as per the schedule given to them with all safety measures.
  • All visitors to campus including Vice Chancellor will go through the safety measures (adverse symptoms and recent travelling history) given by the Government and as per the international standards.
  • An emergency office has been set near main gate to address queries of daily visitors at main gate.

Heath Center:

The medical center at the campus will be operating on 24/7 basis to provide health advice to all people who are staying at campus. I appreciate their commitments and support to the University during this difficult period. The Head of the Center has already made arrangements.

Dear Students:

Yours’ studies and education are the most important objectives of any university, so Hazara University. Therefore, we are looking for a number of options to continue with our main objectives, i.e, Academic and Research. Research, working on thesis and final year undergraduate projects will continue through online system without any interruption. Please visit to the official website, read messages on social media and communicate with the university on regular basis for current update on the situation. Information about all courses will be uploaded to the newly developed LMS by April 10, 2020 inshallah. I must appreciate the LMS team and all faculty members for their tremendous work to make the online System operational. We are also planning to find out solutions for students who are located in remote areas. A revised Academic calendar has been issued for both Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 Semesters.

Dr. Jamil Ahmad, Vice Chancellor , HU

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