Program Details


Mission Statement:
To train the next generation professionals to gain advanced knowledge in Bioinformatics that is required to design and implement novel methods, useful to define and solve problems with emphasis on acquisition, representation, retrieval, visualization and analysis of biological data.
Programme Objectives:
At the end of 4 years BS programme, the graduates should be able to understand:
  1. Gene and protein sequence acquisition, storage, retrieval and analysis
  2. Protein structure and function relationship using computational tools
  3. Development of computational applications for processing of biological data
  4. Modeling and simulation of biological systems.
Learning outcomes:
At the completion of this programme, students are expected to know the relationship between genes and proteins and use of computers in handling flood of biological data which started with the completion of Human Genome project. Bioinformatics is now an established discipline in the main stream of Biology and is a key to unlock the information coded in genome, transcriptome and proteome. Being a multidisciplinary field, it has diversified applications in domains like drug designing, agriculture biotechnology and system biology.
Admission Eligibility:
Higher Secondary School certificate/equivalent (2nd division with at least 50% marks) in pre-engineering/pre-medical/Intermediate in computer sciences / relevant subjects.


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