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BS Details

The focus of our 4-year undergraduate degree program is to equip students with the skills necessary to evaluate policy proposals logically and to carry out simple statistical investigations essential to succeed in their future academic and professional endeavors. It is a multi-disciplinary subject comprising of total 131 credit hours. Major courses of conservation consist of 82 credit hours. The remaining 49 credit hours include university compulsory courses and basic conservation courses. In the first three semesters students will study compulsory courses and basic conservation courses, whereas in fourth and fifth semesters foundation courses would be offered. In the last three semesters major conservation courses and a research project enables students to apply the quantitative and qualitative tools. The courses are based on theoretical and practical work.

The medium of instruction is English for all degree programs. Assessments of students are done in different ways quizzes, presentation, practical work, mid-term and terminal exam.


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