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Directorate of Planning & Development was established in 2001, with its earlier name “Directorate of Research & Planning” with the core values “plan today for a better tomorrow” with objectives of strengthen the new born university with the development of infrastructure, community, faculty, students community and stack holders for building a strong & sound nation, according to the needs & new trends the Directorate was renamed separate in two spate autonomous Directorates.

The number of students and teachers in Hazara University has been increasing rapidly since 2001. In future the numbers of students is expected to rise sharply due to better awareness, population growth and improved socio-economic conditions. The construction of new academic blocks by the Turkish donors will also result in higher number of students. 

The University’s capacity for formulation of new development projects, their implementation and monitoring of existing projects needs to be improved. The existing office space in the old building is limited and cannot accommodate existing staff strength. 

Functions of the Directorate:

Main function of the Directorate is to plan for introducing new developmental & collaborative projects for infrastructural development, collaboration networks, innovative projects for development of the university with the current trends and needs, for better services to all stakeholders including students, faculty, administration and attached government, semi government, private, autonomous organizations/agencies.
A perusal of the current facts and figures paints a dismal picture. For example, Pakistan ranks 91st on the Global Competitive Index (GCI) and 71st on the Business Competitive Index (BCI). The Public Sector investment in education sector is only 2.2%, which is far higher in developed and many developing countries.

Pakistan in recent years has witnessed certain positive developments in the education sector; much remains to be done for in the rural and far-flung areas. The current project will contribute positively towards reducing poverty and improving literacy in an area, which has high incidents of poverty and illiteracy.


The entire country in general and Hazara Division in particular shall benefit from the project. The age group of 22-30 and income group of all levels will be served on the implementation of the project in the form of more job opportunities and higher productivity. The project will contribute towards the ultimate aim of knowledge-based economy. 

Employment generation (Direct & Indriect)

There is a great demand of trained manpower in the economy. The trained faculty will be helpful in improving the quality of graduates being produced. Employability of highly educated and professional persons is high and will be further boosted in case of the university graduates / post-graduates.

Proposed projects

Proposed projects are approved, these projects will prove, as a milestone in the Development of Hazara University. Hazara University has the potential to become a center for quality education and research not only for the province/ country but also for the entire region.   

Concered Faculty

Engr Shakeel Ahmad

Designation : Director.
Email Address :

Engr. Shakeel Ahamad

Designation : Director.
Email Address :

Tufail Ahmed Swati

Designation : Deputy Director.
Email Address :

Muhammad Aiaz Khan

Designation : Assistant Director.
Email Address :

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