Hazara University Mansehra

Central Library


Welcome to Central Library Hazara University Mansehra Pakistan, Libraries are the heart of any academic institutions and considered backbone of any civilized society. We are proud to support learning, teaching and research activities at the central Library of the University with collection of over 80000 titles, and 300 Journals as per stock register thousands of electronic resources in various formats, serving more than 7000 registered library users A HEC Digital library facility is under process in the library. Our aim is to provide the most effective lending, reference, current awareness, selective dissemination provision of information according to the needs of library users. Hazara University Mansehra library have a wide space of study and individual study as well as for the group study purpose. The library also provide off campus access to thousands of digital resources provided by Higher Education Commission Pakistan. Our dedicated and skillful library staff is ready to provide the required materials and to help users with new technologies and their full advantage. If you are students, researcher, or faculty member looking for any kind of digital resources, physical resources the library staff will be pleased to help you. We hope you will fully maximized and avail the opportunities offered by this library. Subsequently this all will enhance the library facility in further strength


S/No Membership Category Borrowing Privileges Days
1 Professor 4 books 1 Months
2 Associate Professor 4 books 1 Month
3 Assistant Professor 4 books 1 months
4 Lecturer 4 books 1 month
5 Research Associate 3 books 14 days
6 Teaching Assistants 3 books 14 days
7 PG/Research Scholar 3 books 14 days
8 Graduate/Undergraduates 2books One Week
9 Administrative |Staff 3 books 14 days


  • Borrower may draw and return books as per the decided category.
  • Delay fine for overdue books will be charged according to the University Library Rules
  • No book shall be issued to a student/ member unless he/she presents his/her borrower's Card in person.
  • Three-time deduction shall be computed against loss of book(s) conforming to current market price of the respective book(s)
  • In the event of returning of library book(s) kindly make it sure (in your presence) that the same has/have visibly been discarded by the counter Assistant. Renewal of books is permitted only once.
  • Kindly sign your full signature separately against each lending book in order to rationalize your A/C Borrower will be held responsible for any damage incurred on book while in his/her possession.
  • Library borrower card is not transferable
  • Members shall observe silence in the reading halls
  • Don't use cell phone in the Library. Switch your Cell Phones to Silent mode when entered in the library.
  • Members shall not engage in conversation in any part of the library so as to cause annoyance to any other reader.
  • Cleanliness must be observed in all sections of the library.


For collection development and acquisition the following principles will observed. Requests for the purchase of material should be submitted to the concerned librarian recommended by head of the department. The librarian will place an order after the proper approval of the competent authority and LPAC (library purchase & advisory committee). Books. Wherever possible, the Library will avoid unnecessary duplication of resources. The Library's collections will be supplemented by providing university students and staff with access to inter-library loan service on a predominantly free basis. Proof of payment must be retained (e.g. credit card slip, cash register etc.) Multiple copies will be acquired in relation to expected demand. The following algorithm is used: 1 copy per title + 1 copy per every five students. Gifts relevant to the Library collection will be welcomed as a valued source of enriching the collections. A gift will not be accepted if the donor wishes to place any limitations on its use or disposal. Resources borrowed from other institutions will be purchased in case of damage, theft or loss. The Budget for Purchase may be distributed as under:

  • Books, Thesis and Audio Visual Materials.
  • Journals and Periodicals.
  • Online/Digital Recourses, Equipment’s.
  • Photo Copying and Maintenance
  • Furniture and other library needs.