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Mr. Muhammad Nasir Riaz is serving as a lecturer in this department since January, 2012. Nasir's research is basically related to the molecular biology of viral infections and their diagnostics. During his M.Phil in the field of Virology & Immunology he worked in several national and international research projects on Molecular Virology and Epidemiology of viruses like Dengue and Hepatitis (HCV, HBV and HDV). Prior to this, he worked as Research Officer in a Molecular Diagnostic Lab from 2009 to 2011. He played a major role in the establishment of this lab and developing/optimizing different molecular diagnostic tests. Currently, Mr. Nasir is working on Viral Immunology Systems Project (in the Kirby Institute, UNSW, Sydney) funded by Australian government, mainly NHMRC Australia and UNSW. Specifically, his research is related to the genome sequencing of viruses and its applications to look into Molecular epidemiology, intra-host viral evolution, anti-viral drug resistance, virus-host immune-interaction and ultimately leading to effective vaccine design.

Academic Background

S.No Degree Title Institute Degree Completion Year
1 B.Sc (Hons) Microbiology Department of Microbiology, Hazara University, Mansehra 2008
2 M.Phil (Virology & Immunology) Atta ur Rehman School of Applied Bio-Sciences, NUST, Islamabad 2011


S.No Publication Title Authors Action
1 PCR-Based Molecular Diagnosis of Hepatitis Virus (HBV and HDV) in HCV Infected Patients and Their Biochemical Study • Riaz MN, Faheem M, Anwar MA, Raheel U, Badshah Y, Akhtar H, Tamanna K, Tahir M, Sadaf Zaidi NuS, Qadri I Click to View
2 A molecular evaluation of dengue virus pathogenesis and its latest vaccine strategies • Faheem M, Raheel U, Riaz MN, Kanwal N, Javed F, Qadri I Click to View
3 Medicinal Plants: A Repository of Antiviral Metabolites • Hussain W, Haleem K S, Khan I, Tauseef I, Qayyum S, Ahmed B & Riaz MN. Click to View
4 Dengue fever in the Indian Subcontinent: an overview. • Raheel U, Faheem M, Riaz MN, Kanwal N, Javed F, Qadri I Click to View
5 The first patient with hepatitis C genotype 8 infection in Australia • Crawford L C, Whybrow D, Rodrigo C,Riaz N, Higgins G Click to View
6 A single nested PCR method for full length dengue virus genome amplification followed by long read next generation sequencing Rodrigo C, Adhikari T, Riaz N, Sigera PC, Bull R, Luciani F, Fernando SD, Rajapakse S, Weeratunga P, Fink K, Lloyd A Click to View
7 Whole genome long read sequencing of hepatitis C virus and its applications Muhammad Nasir Riaz1, Preston Leung1, Rowena Bull1, Kirston Barton2, Martin Smith2, Andrew Lloyd1, Chaturaka Rodrigo1 Click to View
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