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Academic Background

S.No Degree Title Institute Degree Completion Year
1 PhD Ocean University of China 2016
2 M.Phil Quaid-i-Azam university Islamabad 2008
3 MSc Quaid-i-Azam university Islamabad 2006


S.No Publication Title Authors Action
1 Optimization of pH, temperature and carbon source for bioleaching of heavy metals by Aspergillus flavus isolated from contaminated soil. Sadia Q., Meng K., Sidra P., Faiza N., Peng C Click to View
2 CRISPR/Cas system: A game changing genome editing technology, to treat human genetic diseases, Wajid Hussain,Tariq Mahmood, Jawad Hussain, Niyaz Ali, Tariq Shah,Sadia Qayyum Click to View
3 Microbial fuel cell using UASB as anode and effects of hydrogen peroxide on treatment efficiency. Z. A. Bhatti, A. Waheed, F. Maqbool, Y.G. Zhao, S. Qayyum, Q. Mehmood, F. Faridullah Click to View
4 Mycoremediation of heavy metal (Cd and Cr)–polluted soil through indigenous metallotolerant fungal isolates Ibrar Khan, Maryam Aftab, Sajid Ullah Shakir, Madiha Ali, Sadia Qayyum, Mujaddad ur Rehman, Kashif Syed Haleem, Isfahan Touseef Click to View
5 Mycoremediation: a treatment for heavy metal-polluted soil using indigenous metallotolerant fungi. Ibrar Khan, Maryam Aftab, Sajid Ullah Shakir, Madiha Ali, Sadia Qayyum, Mujaddad ur Rehman, Kashif Syed Haleem, Isfahan Touseef Click to View
6 .Agarose Hydrogel Beads: An Effective Approach to Improve the Catalytic Activity, Stability and Reusability of Fungal Amyloglucosidase of GH15 Family. Sidra P, Asif M,Afsheen A, Sadia Q, Faiza N, Shah A Click to View
7 Biochemical and stability analysis of variations of indigenous Brassica juncea genotypes in different agro-climatic environmental conditions of Pakistan. Faiza N, Hakim K,Naushad A, Inamullah, Sidra P, Sadia Q,Farrah A, Saira G, Farhana M, Ayesha B Click to View
8 ) Scorpion Venom: A poison or a medicine-Mini review, Pir Tariq Shah, Sadia Q., Khan I Click to View
9 Cloning and characterization of F3PYC gene encoding Pyruvate carboxylase in Aspergillus flavus (F3) strain. Sadia Q., Ibrar K., Zulfiqar B, Changsheng P Click to View
10 Microbial Organic acids production, Biosynthetic mechanism and Applications-Mini Review. Khan I., Sadia Q., Chi ZM Click to View
11 Cloning and characterization of pyruvate carboxylase gene responsible for calcium malate overproduction in Penicillium viticola Khan I., Sadia Q, Ahmed S., Maqbool F., Tauseef I., Haleem K, Chi ZM Click to View
12 Confectionary waste water treatment through upflow microbial fuel cell, Farhana M., Bhatti Z.A., Nazir H., Sadia Q.,Zhao Y., Khan I., Kamal R., Pervez A Click to View
13 Bioaccumulation of heavy metals from aqueous solution using indigenous fungal isolates. Sadia Q., Ibrar, K., Ke M., Xiaolong Z., Yangguo Z., Changsheng P. Click to View
14 Sequential extraction procedure for partitioning of Pb and Cr in artificial and contaminated soil. Main Group metal chemistry Sadia Q., Ibrar K., Yangguo Z., Farhana M., Changsheng P. Click to View
15 Fungal strain Aspergillus flavus F3 as a potential 1 candidate for the removal of Lead (II) and Chromium (VI) from the contaminated soil. Sadia Q., Ibrar K., Farhana M., Fenglin T., Qingbao G., Bhatti Z., Changsheng P. Click to View
16 Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of a PVGOX gene encoding glucose oxidase in P. viticola F1 strain and its Expression Quantitation Khan I., Sadia Q., Ahmed S., Chi ZM. Click to View
17 Isolation and Characterization of Medicinally Important Marine Penicillium Isolates. Khan I., Sadia Q., Ahmed S., Liu GL., Haleem K, Rehman M, Liu G, Chi ZM. Click to View
18 Isolation and characterization of heavy metal resistant fungal isolates from industrial soil, China. Sadia Q., Ibrar K., Farhana M., Yangguo Z., Qingbao G., Changsheng P. Click to View
19 A comparative study of synthetic and natural coagulants for silver nanoparticles removal from wastewater. Ahmad T., Bhatti Z.A., Maqbool F., Mahmood Q., Faridullah., Sadia Q., Mushtaq N Click to View
20 Characterization of toxic metals adsorption isotherms on activated carbon using locally design jar test apparatus Bhatti Z.A., Farhana M., Sadia Q., Javeria, F., Romana, M., Yang-Guo, Z. Click to View
21 Survey of waste collection and its energy generation potential in Nawanshehr, Pakistan, Bhatti Z.A., Farhana M., Javeria F., Sadia Q., Amir H.M. Click to View
22 Optimization of pH and temperature for degradation of tyre rubber by Bacillus sp. S10 isolated from sewage sludge. Nida Kanwal, Aamir Ali Shah, Sadia Qayyum, Fariha Hasan. Click to View
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