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Pakistan is unique to have inherited the legacy of two major world civilizations i.e. the Indus Valley and the Gandhara Civilizations. These civilizations had inspired the world for several centuries with the glorious and vibrant culture marked with human respect and dignity. Nature has blessed P

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Our mission is to produce well-educated and highly competent graduates for 21st century who can keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of the modern world with vision, courage, wisdom and devotion. The faculty strives to prepare the manpower that shall contribute towards the development of Pa

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A degree in Conservation unlocks a wide range of exciting career opportunities, especially in research and development institutions. There is also a good chance to seek jobs in Federal, Provincial and Private organizations like Archaeology, Archives, Auqaf, Wildlife, IUCN, Forest, Pakistan Army Muse

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HOD Message

The newly established Conservation Studies Department is the only department in the country. It is multidisciplinary department teaching science and arts subjects, our professional staff and lab are equipped with the latest technology. Keeping in view the importance of conservation Hazara University

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